Future Pharmacy

Th.kohl and Desall Invite You to Suggest Innovative Concepts For The Pharmacy of The Future, Meant as a “retail Space” Dedicated to The Person, His/Her Wellbeing and to The Relationships.future Pharmacy-envision The Pharmacy of The Future On Desall

Th.kohl and desall invite you to suggest innovative concepts for the pharmacy of the future, meant as a “retail space” dedicated to the person, his/her wellbeing and to the relationships.Future pharmacy - envision the pharmacy of the future on de <Cropped>

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Functional Winter Boots by Ccilu International Inc

Ccilu International Inc. Exhibits The Diffusion Functional Winter Boots

CCILU INTERNATIONAL INC., the maker of the highlighted design Award Winning Diffusion Functional winter boots points out, Diffusion is a series of winter boots. The ccilucell compound makes this shell light and waterproof. The three drops on toe, he <Cropped>

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Residential:fantian-Fanyue Global Mansion by Kot Ge-Lsd Casa

Kot Ge-Lsd Casa Shares The Fantian-Fanyue Global Mansion Residential

Kot Ge - LSD Casa, the author of the award winning design Fantian-Fanyue Global Mansion by Kot Ge - LSD Casa illustrates, Life is an extension of your character. Your house will display itself an air similar to the type of person you belong to. Afte <Cropped>

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Residence by Primocasa Interiors Limited

Primocasa Interiors Limited Reveals The Hong Kong Parkview Residence

Primocasa Interiors Limited, the creator of the highlighted project Hong Kong Parkview by Primocasa Interiors Limited explains, This is a 2,700 square ft. unit designed mainly for a family with children. The theme of this unit is a modern contemporar <Cropped>

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Residential House by Masahiko Sato

Masahiko Sato Discloses The I3-House [ Modeling On The Hill ] Residential House

Masahiko Sato, the designer of the award winning design Award Winning I3-house [ Modeling on the hill ] Residential House explains, I3-House was planned in the residential area at the top of the hill of Miyazaki City, Japan.As we proceed with the d <Cropped>

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Chiang Chun-Hao's Amazing Hall-New Taipei City Interior Design

Chiang Chun-Hao Shares The Amazing Hall-New Taipei City Interior Design

Chiang Chun-Hao, the creative mind behind the displayed design Chiang Chun-Hao's Amazing Hall-New Taipei City Interior Design spells out, The Amazing Club Banquet Hall offers wedding services and space. The brand name proclaims figure in this ma <Cropped>

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Angel Bench by Tiago Curioni

Tiago Curioni Presents The Angel Bench Bench

TIAGO CURIONI, the thinktank behind the displayed project Award Winning ANGEL BENCH Bench points out, The Angel Bench embodies the opulent dichotomy of a handcrafted, sculptured outline and the modern luster of durable, kiln fired acrylic. While th <Cropped>

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Green Product Award

The Green Product Award Is An Annual International Competition For Sustainable Products and Services From Established Firms and Startups. Students and Designers With New Concepts Are Also Welcome to Join.green Product Award 2019-Now With An Own Green Fa

The green product award is an annual international competition for sustainable products and services from established firms and startups. students and designers with new concepts are also welcome to join.Green product award 2019 - now with an own gre <Cropped>

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Award Winning Bottle With Half Straw Straw

Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Creates The Bottle With Half Straw Straw

LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, the lead designer of the displayed work Bottle With Half Straw - straw by LuXun Academy of Fine Arts explains, Change the conventional design of takeaway cup, from the green point of view, to avoid waste of resources. The <Cropped>

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Award Winning Kap House Residential Home

Diego Molina and Maria Arango Discloses The Kap House Residential Home

Diego Molina and Maria Arango, the creative mind behind the displayed work Residential Home by Diego Molina and Maria Arango explains, KAP is tucked away behind wild tropical grassland that grows from the bones of a newly preserved green corridor. Wh <Cropped>

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